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We are committed to Excellence

Here at DHD we are committed to the excellence and prestige of the fabricating business. We do our best to make sure that you, as the customer, are our top priority.

We here at DHD strive to achieve a notable reputation among our consumers for our quality work and respectful team.

Here’s some things our customers have said…

DHD first became a vendor of HYDAC Technology Corporation in 2012. Our partnership was formed due to the quality of work they were able to demonstrate that they had provided for other customers. Like all new vendors, HYDAC started them with small quantities and a variety of sizes to understand if they would be able to give us the same quality. Today, they are one of our main suppliers due to the amazing turnaround and quality of product they supply us. DHD has been a definite asset to our growth at HYDAC Technology Corporation. Their commitment to growing their operations with both manpower and quality by keeping up with our demands is a true testament to their willingness to satisfy even the most demanding customer. We are proud to have DHD as a supplier.
-Pete Oakes, HYDAC Technology Corporation